A big boy told me to do it

Update: This post is out-of-date, my picture library has now moved to PhotoDeck

David Gordon Archive at PhotoShelter

It certainly wasn’t my idea. Allen Murabayashi put me up to it. He’s the clever punter who runs PhotoShelter. Being as PhotoShelter still runs while Digital Railroad doesn’t: he’s worth paying attention to.

Have I lost you already? PhotoShelter is where professional photographers store their photo libraries, upload their images for safekeeping and clients to download. Need a picture of Glasgow, Alex Salmond or Stornoway by night?, I have PhotoShelter look after them for you to view (and buy!). Feel free to click over to my photo archive pages and see for yourself.
Anyway, Allen says I have to have a blog, but nobody has to read it.
So don’t expect anything interesting, dear imaginary reader. On the other hand, you never know what sort of interesting uninteresting articles will appear here. So stand by and add this photojournal to your RSS reader.